Celine Roberts is the main character in The Stylista Diaries. She is a cosmetology major in college and the founder of a blog of the same name of the series.  


Celine Roberts is an cosmetology major at a community college. She lives with her mother, Denyse, also a hairdresser, with over forty years of experience.

The Stylista Diaries seriesEdit


  • Celine's blog the Stylista Diaries is based on Wells' own blog, of the same name.
  • It's revealed that Celine loves to buy fashion jewelry which is her eye candy.
  • She is a fan of Kim Kimble.
  • In an crossover with another novel series, Sisterly Love, Celine is friends with the Rollins sisters; Eva, Dominique, and Tanzie.
    • Plus, she attended the same fashion college as Eva and Tanzie.
  • Celine majored in Beauty Merchandising & Marketing at fashion college. She also took sewing classes.
  • She was raised by her mother, an hair stylist.